Remove PowerShell

Wait, what?  Okay, hear me out.  Don’t actually remove PowerShell, just remove version 2.0, and do it at your earliest convenience.  Microsoft has deprecated version 2.0, which should be the first clue to get rid of it.  Odds are it’s not even being used in your environment, or at the very least, you can remove it from nearly every user system on your network.

The great thing about it is the removal is incredibly simple, and later versions of PowerShell can remove it too.  Check to see if it’s enabled:


Removing a feature from Windows is as easy as checking for the enabling of the feature:

Disable Optional Feature

Rerun the check to verify it’s been disabled.

Disabled Feature

Hmm…. Now if only there was a way to deploy a Windows Script to groups via some sort of policy or something of that nature…