Time to start building

I’ve been in a reflective space lately.  I’ve spent the last 4 – 5 years thinking so much about breaking things that I forgot what it was like, or I started to really miss my time in Infrastructure.  The sad thing about Information Security is that it can tear put you in a spot where you feel like you’re constantly tearing things down, looking for problems with the lowest common denominator.  Over the long run, that really starts to take its toll on some, me included.  I’ve had numerous conversations around zero trust, and how that works, and what we should be striving for, but the reality is this can break infrastructure, and major networks.  Implementation of zero trust is expensive as hell to do right, and corners can’t be cut when doing this.

Why am I ranting and raving?  I’m looking to start working on a few topics now that should be somewhat beneficial. I’m shifting focus a little bit this year to look at the basics of secure infrastructure management, and the things we can easily capitalize on that will make things better for our future selves.  Tune in, and let’s have some fun.  Oh, and Happy New Year!